Integrating Direct Messaging: A Prescription for Improving Patient Care and the Bottom Line in a Specialty Private Practice

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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University College, Healthcare Management


Healthcare Leadership

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Jeffrey Helton


Direct messaging, Meaningful use, Stage 2


Healthcare providers frequently struggle to communicate quickly, securely, and cost effectively with one another. Patient care, financial performance, or both may suffer as a result. The technology to simultaneously meet these three criteria is known as Direct Messaging, and it is currently available. However, it is not widely used due to perceived complexity, poor network organization, and a lack of training. This project builds an argument that a private medical practice should invest internally in developing the workflows and outreach necessary to utilize this technology that they already possess. Demonstrating that patient care and satisfaction can be enhanced while also reducing costs for the practice should provide enough incentive to make successfully implementing Direct Messaging a priority.

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