The Value of Healthcare Cooperatives

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone Project


Healthcare Leadership

Degree Name

Master of Professional Studies


Healthcare Leadership


Irene Frederick


healthcare cooperative; Five Forces; disruptive innovation; Clayton Christensen; Michael Porter


Context: The ubiquity of increased cost and low value in the United States healthcare system over the past decade. Objective: To present the history of the cooperative as the means to define how a healthcare cooperative model could interact within the current healthcare delivery system. Design and Setting: Analysis of the dynamic Five Forces created by Michael Porter along with the disruptive influence of Christensen's innovation on each of Porter's Five Forces. Main Outcome: Presentation of a case for the economic viability of the healthcare cooperative as a means of reducing cost and increasing value. Results: The results are based on the input and output generated by each of Porter's Five Forces through the influence of disruptive innovation. Conclusion: The healthcare cooperative serves as a new entrant into the healthcare market and provides not only a solid alternative to meeting patient needs but also provokes competition among rivals in the industry.

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