Das Menschliche Problem: Addressing Human Factors in Information Assurance

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Capstone Project


Information & Comm Technology

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Master of Applied Science


Info & Communications Technol


Holger Weinhardt


Computer, Computer security, Espionage, Human factors, Information assurance, Information security, Insider threats, Turing


Organizations are constantly challenged by internal threats. This paper examines challenges dealing with internal information threats. Governments and corporations have initial employment background checks, but existing practices do not address change in human motivations and behavior. Security clearances last five to ten years, but user behavior, motivation, and actions can change greatly in a relatively short period of time. Leaked documents represent a growing problem from internal threats. This project identifies negative human factors in information assurance, through the use of archival data. Next, the paper proposes the use of qualitative risk values for human factor elements. Finally, the paper addresses how human factors might be used in a software monitoring solution allowing organizations to monitor their greatest identified threats.

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