Advancing Scuba Training and Certification Through the Use of Database and Web Based Technology

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Informtaion and Communications Technology


Computer Information Systems

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Andreas Polycarpou


Database capstone


Deep Blue Dive Training is a scuba instruction school that will be opening in the coming year. This dive shop wants to change the way students are traditionally taught the science and practice of scuba diving. Their goal is to utilize more IT technologies in their training and certification classes. Two areas related to Deep Blue Dive Training's proposed venture will be addressed in this paper. 1) Their proposed business model (web-based learning) will be explored for its viability as an effective method of training students in the science of scuba diving. 2) Their technology model (database access and storage) will also be examined for its ability to deliver the online training to the students.

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