Enabling Online Testing for Online Educators

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

Organizational Unit

University College, Informtaion and Communications Technology


Information & Comm Technology

First Advisor

Fernando Reyes


Assessment, Online assessment, Online education, Test import, Testing


This project develops evidence concerning 1) the positive influence that online testing has on improving learning in online courses, 2) the test creation issues that impede faculty adoption of online testing tools where there is a desire to use existing test documents as online tests, and 3) the need for improved tools for easily importing existing test material from traditional courses into an online test format. Based on analysis of this evidence, a solution is presented in the form of a software application prototype that is capable of easily importing existing text documents and automatically deploying them into an online test format with a rich student interface. This research can assist those seeking to improve online learning and assessment.

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