The Rise of Social Networks: A New Threat to Personal and Government Security

Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

Organizational Unit

University College, Informtaion and Communications Technology


Computer Information Systems

First Advisor

Carl Shinn


Crime, Cyber, Cyber crime, Facebook, Government, Myspace, Privacy, Security, Social network


This capstone scrutinizes online social networks as a gateway to cyber crime against individuals and the government. The harm felt by social network users via risks taken through broadcasting personal information and profiles of cyber criminals and targets are illustrated. Included are case studies where social networks were exploited to compromise individuals and government. Since online social networks are now ingrained in American culture, steps that users can protect themselves with are described. The study results indicate that as an individual's usage increases, the more vulnerable to cyber crime they become. Due to the link between social networks and cyber crime, until security and privacy controls improve, and usage awareness increases, social networks should be banned from government systems.

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