An Independent Art Movement: The Independent Artist, Community Television, and the Age of Information

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Document Type

Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

Organizational Unit

University College, Arts and Culture Management


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Dora Lodwick


Art, Artistic expression, Community television, Film, Open access television, Screenplay, Storyboard, Video, Video art


The history of community television shows that it has been a home to activist and non-profit organizations that have created programs focused on freedom of speech. This project proposes that community television is also a place where artists can have freedom of artistic expression. The reflective paper reviews the creation of my film designed to inform and attract artists to community television. In it I critically reflect on the artistic, technical, artistic/technical, and production changes made throughout my journey from being a visual artist to becoming a video-artist. The reflective paper, along with the film, act as a wake-up call to artists who are unaware of community television and the advantages it has to offer them.

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