Holding Back the Tide: 0-16 and Other Stories

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Arts and Culture Management


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

Andrea Dupree


Appalachian trail, Detroit, Impermanence, Personal essay, Short story


Holding Back the Tide: 0-16 and Other Stories consists of two short stories and a personal essay, each featuring protagonists attempting to resist unstoppable change. 0-16 tells the story of a working class hero caught up in the global economic trends that threaten his most basic assumptions about his community and quality of life. The second short story, 10,000 Imaginary Bears, features the experience of a couple trying to recapture the spark of their honeymoon period after many months and miles have separated them from their earlier blissful days. The personal essay Under Every Stone relates my experience on a search-and-rescue operation and how it disrupted my simplistic, self-centered understanding of the world.

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