Gameland: Escape from Pirate Isle, an Exploration in Sequels

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Arts and Culture Management


Arts and Culture

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Jennifer Zukowski Boughn


Children's literature, Books, Sequel, Fantasy, Middle grade, Kid lit


A sequel to another novel can be written as its own stand-alone book. Several authors have accomplished this, most notably J.K. Rowling in the early Harry Potter books. Other writers have failed in their attempts. Following Gameland: Warriors and Wizards, the sequel Escape from Pirate Isle is an attempt at writing a stand-alone book. Similar to the first story, Charles and Cindy, who are brother and sister, are magically transported into a board game to rescue their father. While the story was initially intended to stand on its own, in the end it does not, but not because the first novel needs to be read in order to understand it. Instead, it needs a sequel to be a complete story.

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