Understanding Service-Connected PTSD Challenges: How Support Functions Are Critical to the Post-9/11 PTSD Veteran

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Arts and Culture Management


Arts and Culture

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Tripp Baltz


PTSD, Support, Military, Combat, Transition


This creative capstone project captures the non-fiction story of a post-9/11 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) veteran and his journey through combat deployments, diagnosis, transition from military service, and management of his mental health. The creative core details a theme that more can be accomplished when not fighting battles all alone, and this cooperative support is vital to one soldier's never-ending road toward recovery. The analysis essay examines research of three major support functions available to post-9/11 PTSD veterans, military, personal, and organizational support, concluding that support of post-9/11 PTSD veterans is critical to their success in managing PTSD.

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