Capstone Projects from 2014

The Role of Policy in Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Understanding the Elements That Strengthen Cybersecurity Strategies, Beth Leann Schwartzenberger

Capstone Projects from 2010

Threat Analysis of Smart Grid Consumer Premises Equipment, Arlen Fletcher

Solutions for Insider Espionage Threats: A Methodology for Design and Development of Organizational Training, Steve Lakos

Organizational Security: A Handbook for the Modern Internet-Enabled Business, Jeffrey Lee

Regulatory Compliance: Insufficient Protection for Today's Sensitive Data and the Need for a Risk Management Plan, Steven Martin

Protecting the Pharmaceutical Industry with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Kelly Smith

Capstone Projects from 2009

An Empirical Investigation into Violent Crime Victimization Rates by Age, Gender and Demographic Profile, Christopher Buechner

Five Components to a Threat Assessment Program, Todd Faubion

Implementing a Security Convergence Model Within the Security Industry: Using an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework as a Business Paradigm, Christopher Hedenskog

Raising the Bar: Can Private Security Increase Professionalism by Following Law Enforcement's Example?, Hal Shucard

Capstone Projects from 2008

Workplace Violence Program: A Proactive Tool to Countermand Reactive Tendencies, Michael Kolatski

Capstone Projects from 2007

Comprehensive and Ongoing Security Awareness and Education Programs: A Necessity in Today's Global Business World, Barrie Brinkley