Comprehensive and Ongoing Security Awareness and Education Programs: A Necessity in Today's Global Business World

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Capstone Project


Security Management

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Master of Applied Science


Security Management


Evans Mehew


Comprehensive, Education, Ongoing, Program, Security, Training


Why is there a need for a comprehensive and ongoing security awareness and education program? Experts agree that employees are the greatest threat to an organization's security. In today's information age, one thing is clear: everyone's job, indeed the survival of the organization itself, depends more and more on how employees comprehend and comply with security procedures. This Creative Capstone Project will explain why there is a need for organizations to conduct comprehensive and ongoing security awareness education programs, the first step in developing a program (i.e. security policy), what tools are utilized to communicate the policy, how to continue educating employees on security issues, and finally a quick and dirty evaluative way to tell if the program is working.

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