Protecting the Pharmaceutical Industry with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Security Management


Security Management

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Jon Coombes


CPTED, Lighting, Crime prevention through environmenta


Crime prevention through environmental (CPTED) design and the impact on urban crime at a pharmaceutical site in the United States is assessed. The CPTED surveillance intervention technique of lighting was utilized. The additional lighting was installed and assessed at the site for the affect on crime at the test site. CPTED as a deterrent to crime was analyzed and a hypothesis developed regarding the reduction of crime at the target site. The results of the study indicate, that not only, was there a significant reduction in crime at the selected site, but the diminished crime rate at the site remained. Many CPTED methods were analyzed, which could not explain this reduction in crime had the intervention (increased lighting) not occurred.

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