Workplace Violence Program: A Proactive Tool to Countermand Reactive Tendencies

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Security Management


Security Management

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Sam Conn


Security, Tendencies, Violence, Workplace


The potential to experience an incident of workplace violence exists in every organization (NVAA 2002). Currently there is no agreed upon definition of workplace violence by workplace violence observers (Waddington, Badger and Bull 2005) nor are there any standards or requirements to have a workplace prevention program for an organization (Matchulat 2007). As a result workplace violence can have serious consequences if no plan is in place before an incident occurs. The author discusses several aspects of workplace violence and found no statistical evidence workplace violence programs are used more often in a reactive model. The author provided evidence that aspects discussed should be viewed as preventive and that the benefits of using a proactive preventive model offer the greatest benefits.

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