An Empirical Investigation into Violent Crime Victimization Rates by Age, Gender and Demographic Profile

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Security Management


Security Management

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Marshall Costantino


Victimization, Victims


Despite efforts to control and prevent it, crime is still a serious problem, suggesting that policies aimed at criminals may not be having the desired effect. In order to best allocate scarce resources, policymakers must begin to turn their attention to victims. By understanding what makes a person more likely to be victimized, policymakers may be able to identify high-risk groups and may be able to formulate policies that more efficiently reach these potential victims in order to prevent crime. This capstone project attempts to address the identification of age groups and related demographic profiles that present the greatest potential for becoming violent crime victims. The project also advocates that proactive, creative community programs are needed to assist children and adults, regardless of race, to develop methods of victim avoidance.

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