Implementing a Security Convergence Model Within the Security Industry: Using an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework as a Business Paradigm

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Security Management


Security Management

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James Henderson


Applied research model, Convergence, Enterprise risk management, IT security, Physical security


For many years, the security industry has been plagued by organizational perceptions that limit opportunities for growth. In today's global marketplace, security convergence has been identified as the latest trend to meet the demands facing organizations, and may present an opportunity for the security industry to achieve a more valuable position within organizations and reverse perceptions of the industry. Enterprise risk management (ERM) is also rising as a trend in business, and presents an additional challenge for security as traditional silo business models are being converted to facilitate a more cooperative approach. This project identifies critical success factors, and suggests the applied research model as a model to advance convergence within an ERM framework.

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