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Spring 6-15-2024

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Undergraduate Thesis

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B.A. in Public Policy

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Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Public Policy

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Ajenai Clemmons


Offending, Youth, Criminal justice, Intervention, Protective, Promotive, Risk, Denver


Recent years have witnessed an alarming increase in youth offending across Denver, necessitating a thorough analysis of factors influencing the surge, as well as areas of improvement for current intervention methods. Juvenile delinquency is largely affected by complications associated with the transition to adulthood, such as the development of personal identity or a decrease in parental supervision. A full understanding of at-risk individuals must consider risk, promotive and protective factors, as well as the interaction between these three components. Past successful prevention and intervention methods have included relationship-building implementation, therapeutic strategies, and consistent measures of quality and accountability. Despite many Denver programs utilizing these essential elements, youth offending continues to rise. To combat this trend and strengthen existing organizations, Denver must concentrate resources to neighborhoods most in-need, reevaluate programs for areas of improvement and aid, and create an online system of data collaboration. Addressing the issue of youth offending in Denver will require a proactive, multidisciplinary approach. By implementing the recommended policies, the city and county can work towards creating a more promising environment for our youth, and a safer overall community.

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