All the Rest Is Merely Exploitation and Perseverance: The Poster Art of Frank Kozik

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Masters Research Paper

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School of Art and Art History, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

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Scott B. Montgomery


Frank Kozik, Posters, American, Rock music, 20th century


"The history of poster art tends to focus on the art of Henri Toulouse-Latrec, Jules Cheret, and Alfonse Mucha, while leaving out or barely mentioning the work of artists such as Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, and Alton Kelley. The aim of this thesis is to widen the gaze of poster art by centering on a contemporary rock poster artist: Frank Kozik. By focusing on formal and sociological analysis ofa number of Kozik's posters, I illustrate how he not only fits in with the arc of poster art development, but also influences it into the next century"

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