The Museum/School Partnership: A New Role for Art Museums in K-5 Art Education

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Masters Research Paper

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School of Art and Art History, College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

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Annette Stott

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Gwen Chanzit


Art, Study and teaching, Elementary school, United States, Public schools


For nearly thirty years, the arts have been poorly represented in public school classrooms due to tight budgets, state mandates, and a belief that the arts are not essential to education. In this paper, I will investigate the absence of focused art education curriculum in K-5 classrooms across the United States’ public school system, explain the advantages of reinstating art as a basic subject in the classroom curriculum, and advocate for a more active art museum role in public school elementary art education. The art museum may be in the ideal position to help develop and facilitate programming in K-5 classrooms. By placing teams of art museum professionals in public school classrooms, art museums can establish a prominent role in the museum/school relationship and can help ensure that children have adequate access to art education. The outcome would be children who have greater academic and personal successes throughout their lives.

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