Personal Reflections on Providing Psychotherapy in a Third Language

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Lavita Nadkarni

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Peter Buirski

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Shaayestah Merchant


Bilingual, Assessment, Case study, Vietnamese, Spanish, Psychotherapy, Language, Immigrant


This paper reflects upon the increasing diversity of the United States and the subsequent necessity for mental health providers who can provide psychotherapy services in more than one language. Review of the current literature of clinicians who provide bilingual services highlight the challenges and rewards of working in a second language. The literature focuses on the experiences of those bilingual clinicians who are bilingual in English and Spanish. However, there is little to no research concerning clinicians who can provide psychotherapy in three languages. This writer speaks of her experience growing up in a bilingual Vietnamese-English household in Southern California and her journey of becoming fluent in Spanish. Lastly, she provides recommendations to training programs on how to support trainees who aim to provide psychotherapy services in multiple languages.

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