Rachele Vogel

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Lavita Nadkarni

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Michael Karson

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Diane Guerra


Dementia, Inmates, Correctional health, Training correctional officers

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Dementia is a significant public health problem that is occurring behind bars. However, the number of inmates suffering from this disease is unknown (Feczko, 2014). Current research has exposed a serious gap in correctional health care for older adults, and correctional institutions are being encouraged to make changes to better address the needs of this population (Fellner, 2012; OIG, 2016; Williams, Stern, Mellow, Safer, & Greifinger, 2012b). The purpose of this paper is to bring awareness to the aging problem behind bars and respond to the identified need for additional training for custodial staff (correctional, parole, and probation officers). Training correctional officers to better understand the population they oversee on a routine basis improves their ability to preserve the safety and security of the correctional environment. Further recommendations are made to specifically adapt the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training model to improve the psychological health of correctional officers and allocate care for inmates (Compton, Bohora, Watson, & Olive, 2008).


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