All the World's a Stage: A Neophyte Sport Psychology Consultant as Performer


Sarah Hudak

Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Organizational Unit

Graduate School of Professional Psychology

First Advisor

Artur Poczwardowski

Second Advisor

Brian Gearity


Autoethnography, Graduate student training, Sport and performance psychology, Narrative


In the field of sport and performance psychology (SPP), educators have often presented consulting as both an art and science (Poczwardowski, Sherman, & Henschen, 1998). However, in both the literature and in graduate training, there appears to be a lack of representation regarding the art piece. Using the autoethnographic process, the following study aimed to show the experiences of a SPP graduate student and how her professional development as a sport psychology consultant (SPC) began to flourish after she started to view herself as a performer. This narrative tale, as part of an ongoing memoir project, aims to bridge the gap between art and science by going deeper into the graduate student’s experiences while threading it with the relevant literature (Andersen & Stevens, 2007). The narrative may also serve a pedagogical value in regards to the training of neophyte consultants.

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40 pages

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