Culturally Competent Trauma Treatment with Gay Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Doctoral Capstone

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Lavita Nadkarni, Ph.D.

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Vivian Schaefer, Psy.D.

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Sarah Burgamy, Psy.D.


Childhood Sexual Abuse, CSA, PTSD


Estimates of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) among gay men are fairly high. The impact of CSA on gay men ranges from increased sexual risk-taking to PTSD symptoms and higher rates of suicidality. For treatment of trauma to be effective it must be placed within the client's cultural context. To this end, the paper first explores the concept of gay affirmative therapy. It then applies Herman's ecological model for trauma treatment within the context of the gay male survivor of CSA. Therapeutic issues unique to the gay male survivor of CSA are discussed. Some considerations for clinicians identifying as females/ women working with gay men sexually abused as children are also explored. The paper concludes with recommendations for future research.


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