The Effect of Sport Attire on Athletic Performance in Aesthetic and Endurance Sports: An Exploratory Study

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Graduate School of Professional Psychology

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Jamie Shapiro

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Jessica Dale


Sport attire, Female student-athletes


The purpose of this study was to better understand how various sport attire (athletes’ clothing and uniform) influences the thought processes and feelings experienced by athletes. Eight female student-athletes from a large Division I university and two Division II universities representing the aesthetic and endurance sports of swimming, gymnastics, and dance participated in this study. Researchers conducted a phenomenological study in which they collected relevant experiential data from each participant using a semi-structured interview guide to assist them through the video conferencing interview process. Results of the study provided evidence that the revealing nature of athletes’ sport attire and external pressures, such as coaches, influence their level of body (dis)satisfaction. Future research should evaluate coaches’ roles as sources of external pressure. In order to better understand this, future research should evaluate coaches’ knowledge of the unhealthy risk factors that accompany athlete’s low levels of body satisfaction. The current study allowed for researchers to gain a better understanding of how female athletes perceive, think, and feel about their own bodies when wearing different levels of revealing sport attire.

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