Clinical Sharebacks of Survivor of Torture Treatment Progress: A Novel Therapeutic Intervention Approach

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Gwen V. Mitchell

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Adaobi Iheduru

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Scarlett Choi


Survivor of torture (SoT) treatment, Refugee, Torture, Trauma, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


This paper investigated a novel therapeutic intervention approach of incorporating clinical feedback of psychological treatment progress with survivors of torture (SoT). In a SoT treatment program at the University of Denver, SoT clients were assessed throughout therapeutic treatment, and the clinical progress data was shared directly with the client in a feedback session, referred to as a clinical “Shareback.” While several treatment programs for torture survivors include pre and post treatment assessment measures of symptoms, there is little to no research on clinical programs for torture survivors that incorporate assessment feedback on treatment progress. Since assessment feedback has been minimally used and researched in the SoT population, this study piloted integrating feedback and meaningful ways to present and discuss assessment data visually and verbally, based on individual client needs. The current study examined the effectiveness and experience of clinical Sharebacks with an emphasis on informing trauma treatment approaches for SoT. Utilizing a sequential exploratory mixed methods approach, this study analyzed qualitative data from transcribed video recordings of clinical Sharebacks and quantitative data from SoT treatment progress measures. Results provide insight and direction into improving trauma treatment for SoT and integrating therapeutic assessment feedback into ongoing SoT treatment programs.

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