Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Computer Science.


Submissions from 2019

GPU-based Lightweight Parallel Processing Toolset for LiDAR Data for Terrain Analysis, Jing Li, You Xu, Hailey Macrander, Laura Atkinson, Tabris Thomas, and Mario A. Lopez

Submissions from 2018

Residential Preferences, Transit Accessibility and Social Equity: Insights from the Denver Region, Kara S. Luckey, Wesley E. Marshall, Catherine Durso, and Carol Atkinson-Palombo

Submissions from 2017

Model-based Testing of a Real-time Adaptive Motion Planning System, Mahmoud Abdelgawad, Sterling McLeod, Anneliese Amschler Andrews, and Jing Xiao

Computing the Coarseness with Strips or Boxes, J. M. Díaz-Báñez, Mario A. Lopez, C. Ochoa, and P. Pérez-Lantero

A General Framework for Synchronizing a Team of Robots Under Communication Constraints, Jose-Miguel Diaz-Banez, Luis Evaristo Caraballo, Mario A. Lopez, Sergey Bereg, Ivan Maza, and Anibal Ollero

MM: A Bidirectional Search Algorithm that is Guaranteed to Meet in the Middle, Robert C. Holte, Ariel Felner, Guni Sharon, Nathan R. Sturtevant, and Jingwei Chen

Submissions from 2016

Towards Better Help Desk Planning: Predicting Incidents and Required Effort, Anneliese Amschler Andrews, Philip Beaver, and Joseph Lucente

Stochastic-based Robust Dynamic Resource Allocation for Independent Tasks in a Heterogeneous Computing System, Mohsen Amini Salehi, Jay Smith, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Howard Jay Siegel, Edwin K.P. Chong, Jonathan Apodaca, Luis D. Briceño, Timothy Renner, Vladimir Shestak, Joshua Ladd, Andrew Sutton, David Janovy, Sudha Govindasamy, Amin Alqudah, Rinku Dewri, and Puneet Prakash

Submissions from 2015

Fail-safe Testing of Safety-critical Systems: A Case Study and Efficiency Analysis, Ahmed Gario, Anneliese Amschler Andrews, and Seana Hagerman

Comparing Development Approaches and Reuse Strategies: An Empirical Evaluation of Developer Views from the Aerospace Industry, Julia Varnell-Sarjeant, Anneliese Amschler Andrews, Joe Lucente, and Andreas Stefik

Submissions from 2014

Conflict-based Search for Optimal Multi-agent Pathfinding, Guni Sharon, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, and Nathan R. Sturtevant