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Morgridge College of Education, Center for Rural School Health and Education


Artistic sensibility, Dissemination, Research, Arts-based research, Research methodology


Artistic sensibility is defined in this work as the sensitivity and capacity to appreciate and act upon concerns of or pertaining to art and its production. This article contends that artistic sensibility is inherent to research. This contention is supported through three points which reveal a fourth: (1) Research requires dissemination. (2) Dissemination requires representation. (3) Representation requires artistic sensibility. These three points considered in conjunction illustrate a fourth: (4) Research requires artistic sensibility. This argument has implications for research venues, evaluations of research, and the preparation of researchers in all research disciplines. Namely, certain tenets of arts-based research may be applied to a much broader array of research methodologies. Identifying, honoring, and harnessing artistic sensibility in research has the potential to improve research products and enrich discourse.

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Ingman, B. C. (2022). Artistic sensibility is inherent to research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 21. doi: 10.1177/16094069211069267