About This Journal


Technology’s role in legal scholarship is rapidly expanding. DLR Forum was envisioned as a readily accessible, fleet-footed supplement to the Denver Law Review. The forum combines the agility of a legal blog with the analysis of a traditional law review article. Many of the posts provide immediate updates on emerging legal issues; others provide more substantive analysis in a shorter format than might appear in a traditional print journal. All of the content is designed to promote discussion of important legal issues and to aid in the development of new ideas.

The DLR Forum has three content verticals: Regional Focus, Debates and Discussions, and Communities and Clients. While we will review any submission, we are targeting content for the following topics: Regional Focus: Comment notes on current policy and law issues unique to Colorado and the Tenth Circuit; Debates & Discussions: “hot” topics with opposing opinions, published in a call and response format. Communities & Clients: This series will highlight the voices of practitioners who partner with lawyers and those who are affected by the law. We periodically host online symposia discussing pressing legal issues. And finally, we preview our forthcoming print issues by posting summaries of our upcoming articles.

This repository provides access to Forum articles at least two years old. For the most recent Forum articles, please see our website.

For inquiries, please contact either our Senior Forum Editor, Ashley Cordero (acordero21@law.du.edu) or our Forum Editor, Max Parmenter (mparmenter21@law.du.edu). Our preferred citation is 98 Denv. L. Rev. F. (2020), available at www.denverlawreview.org.