Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Submissions from 2020

Error-driven Nonlinear Feedback Design for Fuzzy Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control of Nonlinear Systems with Prescribed Tracking Performance, Hairong Dong, Shigen Gao, Bin Ning, Tao Tang, Yidong Li, and Kimon P. Valavanis

Submissions from 2019

Parallel Vehicular Networks: A CPSS-Based Approach via Multimodal Big Data in IoV, Shuangshuang Han, Xiao Wang, Jun J. Zhang, Dongpu Cao, and Fei-Yue Wang

Distributed Optimal Energy Management for Microgrids in the Presence of Time-varying Communication Delays, Bonan Huang, Lining Liu, Yushuai Li, and Huaguang Zhang

Automatic Modulation Classification Using Compressive Convolutional Neural Network, Sai Huang, Lu Chai, Zening Li, Di Zhang, Yuanyuan Yao, Yifan Zhang, and Zhiyong Feng

Robust Formation Flying Control for a Team of Satellites Subject to Nonlinearities and Uncertainties, Hao Liu, Yu Tian, Frank L. Lewis, Yan Wan, and Kimon P. Valavanis

Robust Formation Tracking Control for Multiple Quadrotors under Aggressive Maneuvers, Hao Liu, Yu Tian, Frank L. Lewis, Yan Wan, and Kimon P. Valavanis

Synchrophasors-based Identification for Subsynchronous Oscillations in Power Systems, Fang Zhang, Lin Cheng, Wenzhong Gao, and Renle Huang

Submissions from 2018

A Comprehensive Battery Energy Storage Optimal Sizing Model for Microgrid Applications, Ibrahim Alsaidan, Amin Khodaei, and Wenzhong Gao

Leveraging Accuracy-uncertainty Tradeoff in SVM to Achieve Highly Accurate Outage Predictions, Rozhin Eskandarpour and Amin Khodaei

A Wavelet-based Approach to Emotion Classification using EDA Signals, Huanghao Feng, Hosein M. Golshan, and Mohammad H. Mahoor

AMI-enabled Distribution Network Line Outage Identification via Multi-label SVM, Zohreh S. Hosseini, Mohsen Mahoor, and Amin Khodaei

A Short-term and High-resolution Distribution System Load Forecasting Approach Using Support Vector Regression With Hybrid Parameters Optimization, Huaiguang Jiang, Yingchen Zhang, Eduard Muljadi, Jun Jason Zhang, and Wenzhong David Gao

A Low-temperature Internal Heating Strategy without Lifetime Reduction for Large-size Automotive Lithium-ion Battery Pack, Jiuchun Jiang, Haijun Ruan, Bingxiang Sun, Leyi Wang, Wenzhong Gao, and Weige Zhang

Role of Embodiment and Presence in Human Perception of Robots’ Facial Cues, Ali Mollahosseini, Hojjat Abdollahi, Timothy D. Sweeny, Ron Cole, and Mohammad H. Mahoor

A Big Data Scale Algorithm for Optimal Scheduling of Integrated Microgrids, Hung Khanh Nguyen, Amin Khodaei, and Zhu Han

Incentive Mechanism Design for Integrated Microgrids in Peak Ramp Minimization Problem, Hung Khanh Nguyen, Amin Khodaei, and Zhu Han

Motor Task Detection from Human STN Using Interhemispheric Connectivity, Soroush Niketeghad, Adam O. Hebb, Joshua Nedrud, Sara J. Hanrahan, and Mohammad H. Mahoor

Online Estimation of Thermal Parameters Based on a Reduced Wide-temperature-range Electro-thermal Coupled Model for Lithium-ion Batteries, Haijun Ruan, Jiuchun Jiang, Bingxiang Sun, Wenzhong Gao, Leyi Wang, and Weige Zhang

Implementations and Evaluations of Wind Turbine Inertial Controls With FAST and Digital Real-time Simulations, Xiao Wang, Wenzhong Gao, Jianhui Wang, Weihang Yan, Wei Gao, Eduard Muljadi, and Vahan Gevorgian

Prediction Based Hierarchical Compensation for Delays in Wide-area Control Systems, Fang Zhang, Lin Cheng, and Wenzhong Gao

Cyber-physical-social Systems: The State of the Art and Perspectives, Jun J. Zhang, Fei-Yue Wang, Xiao Wang, Gang Xiong, Fenghua Zhu, Yisheng Lv, Jiachen Hou, Shuangshuang Han, Yong Yuan, Qingchun Lu, and Yishi Lee

Submissions from 2017

Machine Learning Based Power Grid Outage Prediction in Response to Extreme Events, Rozhin Eskandarpour and Amin Khodaei

Decentralized Reactive Power Compensation Using Nash Bargaining Solution, Hung Khanh Nguyen, Hamed Mohsenian-Rad, Amin Khodaei, and Zhu Han

Online Reinforcement Learning for a Class of Partially Unknown Continuous‐time Nonlinear Systems via Value Iteration, Hanguang Su, Huaguang Zhang, Kun Zhang, and Wenzhong Gao

Finite-time Synchronization of Coupled Hierarchical Hybrid Neural Networks With Time-varying Delays, Junyi Wang, Huaguang Zhang, Zhanshan Wang, and Wenzhong Gao

State-of-the-art Review on Frequency Response of Wind Power Plants in Power Systems, Ziping WU, Wenzhong Gao, Tianqi GAO, Weihang YAN, Huaguang ZHANG, Shijie YAN, and Xiao WANG

Coordinated Control Strategy of Battery Energy Storage System and PMSG-WTG to Enhance System Frequency Regulation Capability, Ziping Wu, Wenzhong Gao, Huaguang Zhang, Shijie Yan, and Xiao Wang

Short-term Frequency Response of a DFIG-based Wind Turbine Generator for Rapid Frequency Stabilization, Dejian Yang, Moses Kang, Eduard Muljadi, Wenzhong Gao, Junhee Hong, Jaeseok Choi, and Yong Kang

Distributed Optimal Energy Management for Energy Internet, Huaguang Zhang, Yushuai Li, Wenzhong Gao, and Jianguo Zhou

Submissions from 2016

Unmasking Saccadic Uncrowding, Mehmet N. Ağaoğlu, Haluk Öğmen, and Susana T.L. Chung

Electric Power Grid Restoration Considering Disaster Economics, Ali Arab, Amin Khodaei, Suresh K. Khator, and Zhu Han

System Hardening and Condition-based Maintenance for Electric Power Infrastructure under Hurricane Effects, Ali Arab, Eylem Tekin, Amin Khodaei, Suresh K. Khator, and Zhu Han

A Reduced Low-temperature Electro-thermal Coupled Model for Lithium-ion Batteries, Jiuchun Jiang, Haijun Ruan, Bingxiang Sun, Weige Zhang, Wenzhong Gao, Le Yi Wang, and Linjing Zhang

Three-stage Variability-based Reserve Modifiers for Enhancing Flexibility Reserve Requirements under High Variable Generation Penetrations, Ibrahim Krad, Wenzhong David Gao, Eduardo Ibanez, and Erik Ela

Load-damping Characteristic Control Method in an Isolated Power System With Industrial Voltage-sensitive Load, Siyang Liao, Jian Xu, Yuanzhang Sun, Wenzhong Gao, Xi-Yuan Ma, Mi Zhou, Yinpeng Qu, Xiaomin Li, Junhe Gu, and Jianxun Dong

Numerical Assessment of Secondary Electron Emission on the Performance of Rising-sun Magnetrons With Axial Output, Alireza Majzoobi, Ravi P. Joshi, Andreas A. Neuber, and James C. Dickens

Automatic Gleason Grading of Prostate Cancer using Shearlet Transform and Multiple Kernel Learning, Hadi Rezaeilouyeh and Mohammad H. Mahoor

A Rapid Low-temperature Internal Heating Strategy with Optimal Frequency based on Constant Polarization Voltage for Lithium-ion Batteries, Haijun Ruan, Jiuchun Jiang, Bingxiang Sun, Weige Zhang, Wenzhong Gao, Le Yi Wang, and Zeyu Ma

Multiple Target Tracking in Urban Environments, Meng Zhou, Jun Jason Zhang, and Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola

Submissions from 2015

Suppression of the ${\hbox{Cu}}_{2-x}{\hbox{S}}$ Secondary Phases in CZTS Films Through Controlling the Film Elemental Composition, Mohamed Abusnina, Mohammad Matin, Helio R. Moutinho, Jeffrey L. Blackburn, Jeffrey Alleman, Clay DeHart, Bobby To, and Mowafak Al-Jassim

Proactive Recovery of Electric Power Assets for Resiliency Enhancement, Ali Arab, Amin Khodaei, Zhu Han, and Suresh K. Khator

Stochastic Pre-hurricane Restoration Planning for Electric Power Systems Infrastructure, Ali Arab, Amin Khodaei, Suresh K. Khator, Kevin Ding, Valentine A. Emesih, and Zhu Han

An Overview of Recent Advances on Distributed and Agile Sensing Algorithms and Implementation, Mahesh K. Banavar, Jun J. Zhang, Bhavana Chakraborty, Homin Kwon, Ying Li, Huaiguang Jiang, Andreas Spanias, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu, Chaitali Chakrabarti, and Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola

Adaptive Control for a Class of Uncertain Strict-feedback Nonlinear Systems based on a Generalized Fuzzy Hyperbolic Model, Yang Cui, Huaguang Zhang, Yingchun Wang, and Wenzhong Gao

Synchrophasor-based Auxiliary Controller to Enhance the Voltage Stability of a Distribution System with High Renewable Energy Penetration, Huaiguang Jiang, Yingchen Zhang, Jun Jason Zhang, Wenzhong David Gao, and Eduard Muljadi

Measuring the Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action Units with Dynamic Bayesian Network, Yongqiang Li, S. Mohammad Mavadati, Mohammad H. Mahoor, Yongping Zhao, and Qiang Ji

Voltage Instability Detection based on the Concept of Short Circuit Capacity, Jian Xu, Lei Huang, Yuanzhang Sun, Ting Cui, Wenzhong Gao, Yuan Gao, Jiangfeng Zou, and Haohuai Wang

An Isolated Industrial Power System Driven by Wind-coal Power for Aluminum Productions: A Case Study of Frequency Control, Jian Xu, Siyang Liao, Yuanzhang Sun, Xi-Yuan Ma, Wenzhong Gao, Xiaomin Li, Junhe Gu, Jianxun Dong, and Mi Zhou

Modeling of Wind Farm Output Considering Wind Speed Spatiotemporal Distribution and Wind Turbine Operational Statuses, Jian Xu, Hui Sun, Wenzhong David Gao, Ruobing Lei, Xi-Yuan Ma, Yuanzhang Sun, and Wei Shi

Submissions from 2014

Fault Detection, Identification, and Location in Smart Grid Based on Data-driven Computational Methods, Huaiguang Jiang, Jun J. Zhang, Wenzhong Gao, and Ziping Wu

Submissions from 2013

Nonverbal Social Withdrawal in Depression: Evidence from Manual and Automatic Analyses, Jeffrey M. Girard, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Mohammad H. Mahoor, S. Mohammad Mavadati, Zakia Hammal, and Dean P. Rosenwald