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Doctoral Research Paper

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Morgridge College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Susan Korach

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Erin Anderson

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David Benson


Lesson study, Professional learning, Collaborative inquiry


The purpose of this qualitative action research study was to create a lesson study framework that content and grade level teams of teachers can use to develop and implement their own professional learning connected to student learning goals over the course of a school year. The knowledge claim (McNiff, 2017) for this study is lesson study will result in changes in teachers’ knowledge and beliefs about their content, pedagogy and student learning, in teachers’ collaborative capacity, and in the teaching and learning resources that are used to support student thinking (Lewis et al., 2009). Three teams of content specific teachers engaged in one cycle of lesson study. Data collection was done using direct observation through researcher participation, field notes, lesson study protocols, a Pre-Lesson Study Questionnaire, and semi-structured interviews with teachers. The findings from this study indicate lesson study provides a framework for teachers to connect professional learning to problems of practice directly connected to their classrooms. Collaboration through lesson study gives teachers the opportunity to dig deep into their own content knowledge, students’ content knowledge, and their pedagogy to create teaching and learning resources that elicit student thinking. It also reveals barriers to instruction that may need to be addressed to effectively support teachers. Skilled facilitation emerged as a necessary component for effective implementation of lesson study. Additional cycles of lesson study over longer periods are time are recommended to determine the long-term impact of lesson study on teacher and student learning.

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