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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Morgridge College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Kristina Hesbol, Ph.D.

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Ellen Miller-Brown, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Floyd Cobb, Ph.D.


Culturally responsive school leadership, Equity, Transformative leadership


This summary presents the findings of professional research conducted over one year by a doctoral student teaching in an urban school district. The purpose of this descriptive case study was to critically examine the culturally responsive ways in which secondary school leaders challenge social injustices and systemic oppressive educational leadership practices that adversely affect student outcomes (Briscoe & Khalifa, 2013; Brown, 2006; Green & Dantley, 2013; Theoharis, 2010). The study was guided by the theoretical framework of Critical Race Theory and the conceptual framework of Culturally Responsive School Leadership (CRSL). The significance of this study was demonstrated through the continuous need for dialogue, transformative leadership, research and practice in the area of socially just leadership practices, due in part to perpetual discriminatory practices, unfair exclusionary disciplinary practices, economic gaps, and inequitable opportunities for marginalized students who are often students of color (Shields, 2010; Khalifa, Gooden & Davis, 2016). For the reasons aforementioned, the necessity of this study was reinforced by detrimental outcomes that not only affect students of color but society as well.

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