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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Religious Studies

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Carl Raschke, Ph.D.

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Diane Waldman

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Gregory Robbins


Anti-Jewish iconography, Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitic Propoganda, Anti-Semitism, Germany, Medieval artwork


This study finds solace in image(s) more so than in written text(s) and the religious understanding of anti-Judaic and anti-Semitic distinction, rather than a historian's perspective. By utilizing both a religious and artistic lens, the images become the text from which the scholar(s) will study. Focusing exclusively on German image(s) and artwork, this study will span up to eight centuries, twelfth to nineteenth. A contemporary look at Medieval and later images will not explain the thoughts of those who originally saw them, but the images will raise their own set of emotions, understanding, and historical lineage, giving credence and validity to those that came after. This message cultivated a theological hatred for a group of people that was ideologically grounded in a codified religion. The images range in context and content, but all surround the idea of a central figure at the hands of the presumed enemy--the central sacrifice.

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Religious History, Art History, Judaic Studies