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Masters Thesis

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Biological Sciences

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Joseph K. Angleson, Ph.D.

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Cedric Asensio

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Schuyler van Engelenburg

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Eric Boschmann


Anterior pituitary, Exocytosis, IA2, Islet antibody 2, Lactotrophs, Phogrin, Synaptotagmin


Peptides, which are packaged in dense core vesicles, are an integral part of the function of the endocrine and neurological systems. The dense core vesicles function as an efficient form of peptide storage prior to regulated exocytosis. Two different dense core specific transmembrane proteins traffic different when comparted to retained prolactin cores, offering evidence of heterogeneity of vesicles within a single cell. By comparing synaptotagmin 1 and 7 distribution in male rat and lactating female lactotrophs, a distinct pattern emerges. Cells that retain prolactin cores after exocytosis correspond with those that contain synaptotagmin 1. This finding is a reversal for previous studies in chromaffin cells supporting the theory that not all dense core vesicles are the same across cell types. These experiments offer evidence of two different levels of heterogeneity in dense core vesicles across cell types and within a single cell. This variation allows cells to have robust regulation over secretion, an necessity in these vital systems.

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Cellular biology, Molecular biology, Biology