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Masters Thesis

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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology

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Dean J. Saitta, Ph.D.

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Alejandro Cerón, Ph.D.

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Richard Clemmer-Smith, Ph.D.

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Sarah Pessin, Ph.D.


Applied anthropology, Community center, Converted churches, Multiculturalism, Multifaith, Urban planning


Global patterns of human displacement and migration are diversifying the user base of urban churches. This change produces new settings of cross-cultural encounter and adaptation of social space. This study examines the transition of a Lutheran church into a multifaith and multicultural community center. In Aurora, Colorado, a majority-minority city, the facility offers vital support for immigrants, refugees, and low-income community members while maintaining links with [previous] congregants. Using ethnographic methods, I explore the cultural dimensions of repurposed space for a diverse constituency. Discussed herein are the ways in which the physical space is interpreted, how contention and divergent experiences aid in the construction of shared-space, and the place of commonality in a diverse setting. Using these findings, this paper offers suggestions and strategies for accommodating religious and social diversity in globalizing cities.

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Kassandra Irene Soppas Neiss


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Cultural anthropology, Urban planning