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Dissertation in Practice

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Morgridge College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Ellen Miller-Brown

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Susan Korach

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Doris Candelarie


Culturally responsive pedagogy, Developing culturally responsive coaches, Developing culturally responsive teachers, Instructional coaching, Opportunity gap, Professional development for coaches


Growing up with a global perspective and teaching in highly diverse schools has fueled my desire to understand how instructional coaching and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy work together in education. This case study examined the current practices of instructional coaches to understand how they incorporate components of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Through observations and interviews of three coaches and a director this study explored the interactions, behaviors and language of coaches as they engaged with teachers to explore and understand prior knowledge, beliefs and current incorporation of CRP with teachers. The literature review provides an in-depth description of each of the components of CRP and the major focus areas for coaches. Findings revealed four variables that influence a coach’s ability to incorporate components of CRP: Process or Protocol, Learning Experiences of Adults, Responsiveness, and Relationships. The findings also uncovered, through the discovery of missed opportunities in observations and interviews, that the coaches in this study demonstrate layers of understanding about CRP. Layer 1 describes foundational, “culturally-neutral” knowledge of the three main focus areas for coaches. Layer 2 describes the behaviors, beliefs and ways of being of coaches that incorporate CRP. It also specifically addresses the coaches’ need to be interculturally competent. Recommendations include developing highly competent and experienced mentor coaches. It also includes developing coaches’ intercultural competence and knowledge of CRP components in interactive PD sessions, engaging them in contextual learning experiences through peer observations and learning labs, and one-on-one coaching by mentor coaches to provide responsive feedback around missed opportunities.

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Pedagogy, Education, Teacher education