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Morgridge College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

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Kristina A. Hesbol

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Jayson W. Richardson

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Shimelis G. Assefa

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Douglas Allen


Educational technology, School leadership, Technology-savvy principal


The purpose of this exploratory case study was to learn about the effective practices that recognized tech-savvy principals enacted to support teaching and learning in their schools during the first academic year of the COVID-19 crisis. The study involved semi structured interviews with five recognized tech-savvy school principals. It also involved analyzing supporting materials and documents.

The findings of this study indicated that tech-savvy principals were not stuck in the structural rut that most principals found themselves in during the COVID-19 crisis. Four main themes emerged from the data. The first theme addressed how recognized tech-savvy principals demonstrated decisive decision making during the COVID-19 crisis to maintain the safety of their students. Theme two was about how recognized tech-savvy principals demonstrated flexibility during the crisis to maximize their schools functioning. Third theme addressed the recognized tech-savvy principals’ creativity. The fourth theme focused on how recognized tech-savvy principals used communications to encourage family engagement to strengthen students’ learning.

Based on these findings, the new knowledge established in this study contributes to the literature of school technology leadership and crisis leadership as important factors to supporting teaching and learning process during the time of crises through leveraging the crisis leadership attributes.

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Educational leadership, Educational technology