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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction

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Norma L. Hafenstein

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Shelagh Gallagher


1954, Ann Fabe Isaacs, Gifted child quarterly, History of gifted education, NAGC, National Association for Gifted Children


The historical portrait of Ann Fabe Isaacs examines the life of the founder of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and the Editor of the Gifted Child Quarterly from 1954-1974. Considering Isaacs’ personal and public work frames the founding of the NAGC, development of its mission, published essays, and advocacy work. Once the historical perspective has been considered, Isaacs’ work will be considered alongside the contemporary NAGC, its advocacy work, and its published writing. This portrait provides historical context for the founding of the NAGC and examines the influence of the founder on the contemporary organization.

Implications of the portrait of Ann Fabe Isaacs are provided for researchers and practitioners including the role of history in the field of gifted education, effective principles of advocacy for gifted children, and contemporary directions for the field. This portrait honors Isaacs and returns her to pride of place in the history of the field of gifted education. Examining Isaacs’ unique experiences of identity and her historical context sheds light on a critical era in gifted education—the 1950s-1970s.

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Gifted education, Education history, Gender studies