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Graduate School of Social Work

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Jennifer Greenfield

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Yolanda Anyon

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Miriam Valdovinos

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Lisa Reyes Mason


Asthma, Historical trauma, Puerto Rican, Qualitative


This study utilized an explorative phenomenological qualitative design to begin understanding the many ways Puerto Ricans experience asthma. Further is sought to understand the asthma experience broadly and within the context of the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico in 2017 including the governments’ responses to that devastation. Another core goal of this study was the conceptual and empirical application of the theoretical framework of historical trauma to Puerto Ricans. I conducted 12 semi structured interviews with collaborators who expressed a range of asthma experiences. My collaborators represented a mixture of those who lived through the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the States. The study was available in English and Spanish with the help of two bi-lingual interviewers I worked with. Analysis revealed diversity in the ways asthma was experienced, how the hurricanes were experienced, and how the governments’ responses were perceived. Almost all of my collaborators expressed concepts of historical trauma throughout their interviews including their perceptions of the governments’ responses to the hurricanes. Some of the most beautiful findings of this study were the ways we came together and bridged the gap between the States and Puerto Rico to survive the hurricanes.

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