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Dissertation in Practice

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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction

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Norma L. Hafenstein

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Brette Garner

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Denis Dumas


Creative self-efficacy, Creativity, Creativity skills experience, Creativity skills training, Domain-specific creativity


The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships among and impact of creativity skills training, domain-specific creativity, and creative self-efficacy in adult alumni of a youth creativity skills training experience. This research further aims to remediate the deficiency of existing creativity research regarding the relationship between domain-specific creativity, creativity skills training, and creative self-efficacy. This study employs a mixed-method approach to address four research questions regarding the impact of a creativity skills training experience from adult alumni of Destination Imagination, an educational experience designed to enhance creativity. The Amusement Park Theoretical Model of Creativity acts as a theoretical framework to guide the work. Results from this study suggest alumni of a youth creativity skills training experience believe their creativity skills training experience was impactful in their creative development, have high creative self-efficacy, and believe they are creative in a variety of domains. The relationship between the performance domain and creative self-efficacy is the only statistically significant relationship found. Results from this study further suggest that the creativity skills training experience focused more on general creativity including initial requirements and general thematic areas rather than more specific areas of creativity including domains and micro-domains. This data adds to the field of research and can be useful to organizations that foster creativity as they work to enhance their programming to address domain-general areas of creativity and domain-specific areas of creativity.

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