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Masters Thesis

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College of Natural Science and Mathematics, Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Brady T. Worrell

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Brian Michel

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Sunil Kumar


Carbon monoxide releasing molecules (CORM), Diphenylcyclopropenone, Quantum Chain Reaction


Despite the commonly held consensus that carbon monoxide (CO) is toxic, it has been shown to be an essential signaling molecule in the human neuronal system and has been noted to have anti-inflammatory properties, act as a vasodilator, have anti-proliferative impacts on tumors, and many other beneficial effects. The current limitation to using CO as a therapeutic molecule is delivering the proper dosages using CO releasing molecules (CORMs) without exhibiting toxicity. The first chapter of this thesis will review the biological significance of CO in biological systems, the limitations of existing CORMs, and the properties of diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP) that make it a promising CORM. The second chapter of this thesis will describe our work to develop a new class of directly polymerizable organic CORMs based on DPCP.

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Chemistry, Polymer chemistry

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