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Organizational Unit

Morgridge College of Education, Research Methods and Information Science, Research Methods and Statistics

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Robyn Thomas Pitts

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P. Bruce Uhrmacher

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Kathy Green


Evaluation capacity building, Human service organizations, Non-profit, Organizational evaluation capacity assessment, Organizational measurement, Program evaluation


As evaluation capacity building (ECB) has rapidly emerged as a practice in human service organizations and as a field of academic inquiry, attention has focused on methods of evaluation capacity building while assessment of organizational evaluation capacity (EC) has lagged behind. To examine the practice of organizational evaluation capacity assessment, this dissertation presents two separate but related studies. In sub-study 1, I present a qualitative evidence synthesis of the research theorizing organizational evaluation capacity models. In sub-study 2, I support the implementation of one of the tools from the evidence-synthesis at a multinational human service organization. I use a concurrent mixed methods instrumental case study to describe how the sample organization implements an evaluation capacity assessment survey, interprets the results, and determines the next course of action in their evaluation capacity building initiatives. In the conclusion, I discuss the two sub-studies and use the lessons and observations from the case study to theorize an application framework for organizational evaluation capacity assessments.

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