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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Anthropology

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Yavuz Yasar


Commodification, Conservation, Dugong, Fisheries, Fishing, Traditional ecological knowledge


The dugong (Dugong dugon) is an important marine mammal in Palau. However, current population dynamics are not well understood. This study aimed to connect scientific data with local knowledge by examining the social implications of changing fishing methods and their impact on dugong population dynamics in the face of climate change and fisheries commercialization. Through interviews with local fishers, it was found that destructive fishing methods like trawling and long lining have led to habitat loss and degradation for dugongs. These tactics, driven by economic factors, have disrupted the delicate balance between human activities and the preservation of dugong habitats, causing significant damage to marine ecosystems. This research recommends increased monitoring of dugong critical habitats as well as the establishment of fishermen's cooperatives to facilitate collective decision-making and promote sustainable fishing practices. By integrating local knowledge and promoting sustainable fishing practices, this research provides a foundation for effective conservation strategies that safeguard dugongs' long-term survival while meeting the socio-economic needs of local communities.

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