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Masters Thesis

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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

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Timothy D. Sisk

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Tricia D. Olsen

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Singumbe Muyeba


Accessibility, Disability, Gender, Humanitarian, Inclusion, International


Gender and Disability: An Exploration of Reflective Practice for Protection and Access Amid Complex Emergencies is a qualitative research project exploring under what conditions and in what ways disabled persons’ organizations (DPOs) effectively protect and provide access to women and girls with disabilities amid complex emergencies. The study upheld a participatory approach and rights-based framework, emphasizing that authentic inclusion requires centering disabled voices in research. Drawing on extant research, grey literature, and data collected from online practitioner questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, the study conducted a multi-phased reflexive thematic analysis. The research findings culminate in a composite narrative that brings to life the lived experiences of women with disabilities in humanitarian settings. The principal finding highlights the normative conditions enabling DPOs to effectively protect and provide access to women and girls with disabilities amid complex emergencies include an intersectional approach, rights-based framework, universal design, meaningful engagement, and capacity development.

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Disability studies, International relations