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Educational Administration and Policy Studies

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Linda Brookhart, Ph.D.

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Kent Seidel, Ph.D.


Calculators, Implementation, Innovation, Math, Technology, TI-Nspire


This research was designed to examine the implementation of a technology innovation in a content area from teachers’ point of view. Three classroom teachers who were involved in organized implementations of a technology innovation at the school level were asked to describe their implementations. They then were asked to review those implementations through four specific lenses that research indicates are important: school change, factors affecting implementation of technology innovations, technology in their content area, and examining their use of developers’ innovative improvements. Finally the classroom teachers were asked, as a summary technique, to talk about factors important to include in a written implementation plan.

Teachers’ responses to questions in a flowing conversation were searched for common themes, and excerpts of those conversations were placed in a table to facilitate the analysis of the concepts and ideas the teachers were trying to convey. The common themes that teachers talked about were: the limited time in a teacher’s day; implementing effective change in a classroom setting is a process that can take years; administrative support is secondary but important; professional development is critical and should be ongoing; technology in teaching and learning in the content area is essential; classroom practice improves because of technology implementation; and the innovative technology features used in the classroom depend on the content taught.


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Educational administration, Educational technology, Teacher education