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Educational Administration and Policy Studies

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Kent Seidel, Ph.D.


Achievement gap, Providers


In the spring of 2008, Dwight Jones, Commissioner of the Colorado Department of Education, invited six Colorado school districts to partner with the department and an outside provider to close their achievement gaps in reading and math between minority and poverty students and White students and non-poverty students. Districts were invited to partner based on an achievement gap that exceeded the state‟s average gap in reading and math, and its perceived leadership capacity to initiate change.

This study examined the process the six districts used to select a provider to assist in closing its achievement gap. The multi-case study analyzed the districts‟ processes for selecting a provider using interviews and a review of documents obtained from the Colorado Department of Education.

Results from this study concluded: there was little difference in the process districts used to select its provider; individual and district experiences working with providers influenced the district‟s choice of a provider; providers selected had to be a “fit” for the district; provider self-reporting did influence the choice of a provider, however, not all categories of self-reporting were as important as others in the selection of a provider; and there was a significant variation in the number of stakeholders the district involved in the final selection of the provider.


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Educational leadership, Educational administration