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Andrei G. Kutateladze, Ph.D.

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Joseph Angleson, Ph.D.

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Sandra S. Eaton

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Joseph Hornback

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Michelle Knowles


Assays, Fluorescence, Molecular recognition, Photoamplification


During the course of this research a novel method which couples the molecular recognition-triggered photoamplification chain in diaryl ketone adducts of dithiane with a "turn-off" or "turn-on" fluorescence-based assay for the detection of biological targets and ligands, regardless of their nature, through a molecular recognition event has been developed. This research has included several key steps, the most significant being: (1) the design of fluorophore adducts or dyads which recover fluorescence upon photocleavage for a "turn-on" assay and the identification of fluorophores which are quenched upon the photochemical release of a quencher for a "turn off" assay; (2) Optimization of the photochemistry and photoamplification of dithiane adducts of benzophenone as it applies to the development of an ultra-sensitive photoamplified fluorescence assay; (3) implementation of the method in the design and fabrication of chips for ultra-sensitive screening of microarrays, and (4) integration of this microchip assay into a fluorescence based signal transducer for ultra-sensitive detection of molecular recognition events. Proof of concept utilized biotin-avidin recognition, where avidin is coupled to the photochemical sensitizer.

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Organic chemistry