Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Geography and the Environment.


Submissions from 2019

Overcoming the Myths of Mainstream Economics to Enable a New Wellbeing Economy, Luca Coscieme, Paul Sutton, Lars F. Mortensen, Ida Kubiszewski, Robert Costanza, Katherine Trebeck, Federico M. Pulselli, Biagio F. Giannetti, and Lorenzo Fioramonti

The Global Infrastructure Public-private Partnership and the Extra-territorial Politics of Collective Provision: The Case of Regional Rail Transit in Denver, USA, Andrew EG Jonas, Andrew R. Goetz, and Sylvia Brady

Participatory Agroecological Research on Climate Change Adaptation Improves Smallholder Farmer Household Food Security and Dietary Diversity in Malawi, Rachel Bezner Kerr, Joseph Kangmennaang, Laifolo Dakishoni, Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Esther Lupafya, Lizzie Shumba, Rodgers Msachi, Godfred Odei Boateng, Sieglinde S. Snapp, Annita Chitaya, Esther Maona, Tinkani Gondwe, Paul Nkhonjera, and Isaac Luginaah

GPU-based Lightweight Parallel Processing Toolset for LiDAR Data for Terrain Analysis, Jing Li, You Xu, Hailey Macrander, Laura Atkinson, Tabris Thomas, and Mario A. Lopez

Visualizing Politics: A Feminist Political Ecology and Participatory GIS Approach to Understanding Smallholder Farming, Climate Change Vulnerability, and Seed Bank Failures in Northern Ghana, Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong

The (In)visible Health Risks of Climate Change, Luke Parry, Claudia Radel, Susana B. Adamo, Nigel Clark, Miriam Counterman, Nadia Flores-Yeffal, Diego Pons, Paty Romero-Lankao, and Jason Vargo

Thermal Imaging in Plant and Ecosystem Ecology: Applications and Challenges, Christopher Still, Rebecca L. Powell, Donald Aubrecht, Youngil Kim, Brent Helliker, Dar Roberts, Andrew D. Richardson, and Michael Goulden

Issues in Improving Geography and Earth Science Teacher Education: Results of the #IPGESTE 2016 Conference, Kathrin Viehrig, Daniel Siegenthaler, Samuel Burri, Sibylle Reinfried, Sarah Bednarz, Marian Blankman, Terri Bourke, Clare Brooks, Philippe Hertig, Joseph Kerski, Thomas Kisser, Michael Solem, Joseph Stoltman, Yvonne Behnke, Rod Lane, Marco Lupatini, Nina Scholten, Alexander Siegmund, and Sandra Sprenger

Estimation and Mapping of Sub-national GDP in Uganda Using NPP-VIIRS Imagery, Xuantong Wang, Mickey Rafa, Jonathan Moyer, Jing Li, Jennifer Scheer, and Paul Sutton

A Representativeness Heuristic for Mitigating Spatial Bias in Existing Soil Samples for Digital Soil Mapping, Guiming Zhang and A-Xing Zhu

Reinforcement Learning-driven Address Mapping and Caching for Flash-based Remote Sensing Image Processing, Tong Zhang, Ze Cheng, and Jing Li

Submissions from 2018

Surface Hydrological Processes of Rock Glaciated Basins in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, Emilio I. Mateo and J. Michael Daniels

Leveraging Smallholder Livestock Production to Reduce Anemia: A Qualitative Study of Three Agroecological Zones in Ghana, Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Esi K. Colecraft, Raphael Baffour Awuah, Leonard Kofi Adjorlolo, Mark L. Wilson, and Andrew D. Jones

Scenario Planning Including Ecosystem Services for a Coastal Region in South Australia, Harpinder Sandhu, Beverley Clarke, Ryan Baring, Sharolyn Anderson, Claire Fisk, Sabine Dittmann, Stewart Walker, Paul Sutton, Ida Kubiszewski, and Robert Costanza

The Representativeness and Spatial Bias of Volunteered Geographic Information: A Review, Guiming Zhang and A-Xing Zhu

Modelling Species Habitat Suitability from Presence-only Data using Kernel Density Estimation, Guiming Zhang, A-Xing Zhu, Steve K. Windels, and Cheng-Zhi Qin

Quantifying Multi-modal Public Transit Accessibility for Large Metropolitan Areas: A Time-dependent Reliability Modeling Approach, Tong Zhang, Shaoxuan Dong, Zhe Zeng, and Jing Li

Automatic Cloud Resource Management for Interactive Remote Geovisualization, Tong Zhang and Jing Li

Identifying Primary Public Transit Corridors using Multi-source Big Transit Data, Tong Zhang, Yicong Li, Hui Yang, Chenrong Cui, Jing Li, and Qinghua Qiao

Efficient Flash-aware Page-mapping Cache Management for On-board Remote Sensing Image Processing, Tong Zhang, Ping Luo, Ze Cheng, and Jing Li

Submissions from 2017

Multi-century Stasis in C3and C4grass Distributions across the Contiguous United States since the Industrial Revolution, Daniel M. Griffith, Jennifer M. Cotton, Rebecca L. Powell, Nathan D. Sheldon, and Christopher J. Still

When Wells Run Dry: Water and Tourism in Nicaragua, G. Thomas LaVanchy

Submissions from 2016

Dark Times: Nighttime Satellite Imagery as a Detector of Regional Disparity and the Geography of Conflict, Luca Coscieme, Paul Sutton, Sharolyn Anderson, Qing Liu, and Christopher D. Elvidge

Comment on “The Extent of Forest in Dryland Biomes”, Daniel M. Griffith, Caroline E. R. Lehmann, Caroline A. E. Strömberg, Catherine L. Parr, R. Toby Pennington, Mahesh Sankaran, Jayashree Ratnam, Christopher J. Still, Rebecca L. Powell, Niall P. Hanan, Jesse B. Nippert, Colin P. Osborne, Stephen P. Good, T. Michael Anderson, Ricardo M. Holdo, Joseph W. Veldman, Giselda Durigan, Kyle W. Tomlinson, William A. Hoffmann, Sally Archibald, and William J. Bond

Predicting the Visualization Intensity for Interactive Spatio-temporal Visual Analytics: A Data-driven View-dependent Approach, Jing Li, Tong Zhang, Qing Liu, and Manzhu Yu

International Migration, Land Use Change and the Environment in Ixcán, Guatemala, Matthew J. Taylor, Mariel Aguilar-Støen, Edwin Castellanos, Michelle J. Moran-Taylor, and Kody Gerkin

Multiclass Labeling of Very High-resolution Remote Sensing Imagery by Enforcing Nonlocal Shared Constraints in Multilevel Conditional Random Fields Model, Tong Zhang, Wenjie Yan, Jing Li, and Jie Chen

Examining the Amenability of Urban Street Networks for Locating Facilities, Tong Zhang, Zhe Zeng, Tao Jia, and Jing Li

Submissions from 2014

Agriculture, Land Tenure and International Migration in Rural Guatemala, Mariel Aguilar-Støen, Matthew J. Taylor, and Edwin Castellanos

Designing and Evaluating a Groundwater Quality Internet GIS, Joseph H. Hoover, Paul Sutton, Sharolyn J. Anderson, and Arturo C. Keller