The Evolution of a Multi-stakeholder Research-practice Partnership on Equity in School Discipline.

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Graduate School of Social Work


School disciplinary practices, Research–practice partnership, Multiple stakeholder groups


Studies of school disciplinary practices have revealed racial disparities in exclusionary outcomes for more than 50 years. With initial interest secured from key players, a research–practice partnership (RPP) between the Division of Student Equity and Opportunity at Denver Public Schools and Graduate School of Social Work at University of Denver was established in the fall of 2012. Evolution of long-term RPP was equity oriented and community engaged from the start. Early conversations among the RPP team focused on understanding the district's research questions and the data necessary to answer them. Partnership team members shared several key attributes, including a common sense of urgency, passion, and commitment to eliminating racial disparities in school discipline, that may help explain the emerging successes of the partnership. The inclusion of multiple stakeholder groups also reflects evidence that alignment between policy efforts at multiple levels supports data-driven decision-making in schools and districts.

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