Introduction to the Special Issue: Educating Social Workers about Alcohol and Other Drug Use Disorders

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This special issue of Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions focuses on an emerging effort, the Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program (ADEP), designed to advance social work faculty knowledge and teaching in the area of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use. In June 2017, with grant support from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the inaugural ADEP provided in-depth, immersion-based training to 50 full-time, clinical faculty from social work programs across the United States. As detailed in this special issue, the preliminary results of our program were highly promising and we look forward to training more social work faculty in June 2018, and in years to come. ADEP is predicated on the idea that faculty training in evidence-based AOD identification and treatment methods will help faculty to provide higher quality instruction in AOD and, in turn, that their students will be better prepared to serve clients experiencing AOD-related problems. Although this Special Issue is focused primarily on ADEP, we do so with the hope that the work presented here reaches far beyond the specifics of our faculty training program to underscore the need to advance AOD-related training and offer a template for social work educators looking adapt their teaching to address the nation’s very serious challenges with AOD.

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