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Legal education, Administrative law, Collaborative learning, Educational technology


Administrative law is one of the courses students love to hate. This is particularly true in schools where Admin is a required course, since many students in the class would not take it otherwise, and gripe about being forced to. The problem with Admin law – for both the teacher and the student – is that it is such a vast topic that teaching it in a manner students can comprehend is diffi cult. When I was asked to teach Admin law last year, I looked at this as a challenge, rather than a burden. Because I am fairly comfortable using technology in my teaching, I decided to use a Wiki to involve the students in the course more than they would be if I spent all our class time lecturing.

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Originally published as David I. C. Thomson, Using a Wiki to Increase Student Engagement in Administrative Law, 15 L. TCHR. 5 (2008). Reprinted in: 35 Administrative & Regulatory Law News 18 (Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice, ABA, Spring 2010). Reprinted in: Techniques for Teaching Law 2 (Carolina Academic Press, 2011). Copyright is held by the author. User is responsible for all copyright compliance.